2016 November Maintenance

Bob Pettinger arranged routine maintenance on the CBYS docks that took place earlier this month.  Initially some planks were going to be lifted but instead a diver was deployed.

All the joints were checked with any showing greater than 50% wear replaced in the water to choke the logs.

Two billets of foam were placed under the small dock to the swim float to level it out. Note was made that this dock needs replacing soon.

The ramp to the beach has been removed and we are awaiting the new one, which is in the works. Bob will get the necessary parts to the facility with assembly anticipated during this spring’s work party.

There is still a bit of chaining at the eastern end of the short dock off the highway, but with the extreme high tides this was an impossible task during this visit.

With CBYS shopping for a replacement scow little was done to the barge chains during this visit.

Thanks Bob!