Covid-19 Update February 2021

Temporary Regulations under Article 17.4 by the CBYS Directors

Revised February 16, 2021



Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the Directors have exercised their authority to regulate the use of CBYS facilities as follows:


  • Shareholders must abide by all Government health requirements and recommendations while at the Station, and it is their responsibility to keep abreast of those limitations and Provincial Health Officer orders, as they change from time-to-time; including but not limited to gathering size and requirements for social distancing.


  • Shareholders and guests are responsible for sanitizing any common use surfaces that they come into contact with.



The White House, Fahrni Cabin, fire pit, Café and the picnic tables can all be used in accordance with current Provincial Health Officer order

  • Whenever possible, Shareholders should moor their vessels in a staggered or “checkboard” configuration on opposite sides of the docks in order to maximize the distances between vessels.


  • The BBQ, the crab cooker and adjacent wash station and Blackstone cooktop should each be used by one family at a time.


  • The rafting of guest vessels is not permitted.


  • In all cases, when chairs and sidetables are used on Docks A, B, C or D, shareholders should expect to physically vacate and move the obstruction, so that others can pass safely. The wider “highway” may be used to congregate at an appropriate distance.


  • Pets should be kept on a leash at all times when not on a vessel, including on the beach and trails if others are also using those areas at the time.


  • The existing Rules regarding use of the docks and shore facilities otherwise remain in place unless inconsistent with the above temporary rule. As always, Shareholders should remain on CBYS property and respect our Centre Bay neighbours.



Finally, in order for the Station to remain open for limited use, it is vital that everyone comply with these Temporary Regulations (and any future amendments) until the present health situation has been resolved. Any contravention may result in the suspension of privileges at the Station in accordance with the Company’s Articles.



Revised and effective on February 16, 2021 until further notice.

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